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Our Services

Jubilee Financial provides a number of services to help launch you into financial success. We Buy Houses in any condition or situation. Get help improving your personal and business credit profiles, paying off your debt, and strategically aligning your personal and business finances. Our full range of services covers:

  • Real Estate Ventures
  • Transportation
  • Business Startup and Financing
  • Financial Literacy and Education
  • Financial Freedom Coaching
  • Financial Discipleship, etc.

Improving Your Personal & Business Credit Profiles

First of all, we realize that approximately 50 million people need to improve their personal credit profiles in order to move toward the path to financial success. We help them restore their credit scores and build their personal credit. We also help Entrepreneurs and startup businesses to establish business credit and to keep personal and business affairs separate.

Eliminating Your Debt and Wise Budgeting

Secondly, we establish a budget with strategic techniques to promote debt elimination. We will help you pay off debts at least twice as fast, utilizing the same household income. Also, if we can realign some discretionary income, we can actually help to pay off personal debt even faster, including the mortgage.

Likewise, we promote sound estate planning to assure everyone has their Will, Trusts, and Power of Attorney in place to avoid unnecessary probate costs and interference by the government. Therefore, you can provide financial stability for future generations and have your money working for you and your family.

Strategizing Your Finances and/or Business

Thirdly, after the preliminary work is accomplished, as needed, we can develop a sound financial strategy. This is usually accomplished by generating multiple income streams via wise retirement planning, business ownership, real estate ventures, and otherwise improving positive cash flow. We feel that one of the best small business opportunities in the marketplace today is in a home based business approach, which is usually tax deductible.

After the profit motive, one of the best reasons for being in business is the numerous tax write offs available for conducting business, which allows you to save more. Therefore, we realize it is not necessarily how much money you earn that matters, but more importantly, how much money you are able to keep.

In terms of real estate investing, we duplicate the success of most millionaires by including real estate as part of a diverse portfolio. Generally speaking, we subscribe to a mixture of wholesaling, fix and flip rehabs, buy and hold, tax liens, and other distressed property acquisitions. We utilize creative financing techniques and leverage to the advantage of our clients. By having such a diverse approach, we can better achieve your short and long range goals in terms of financial freedom.

We Are Open to Change

One thing that’s constant in the marketplace and life nowadays is change. Therefore, we always keep our income options open and stay abreast of technology and red-hot trends that develop from time to time. Likewise, one of the best financial trends in the economy today is the rapid growth of Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

Once you become part of the Jubilee Financial family, you will have access to insider coaching techniques which will open the doors to true Financial Freedom. At Jubilee Financial, we encourage you to "Celebrate Great Financial Success" with us. 

Join us and see the difference.

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